Amy Lawday Films

        Handcrafted, thought-provoking content for today's changing world.


Amy Lawday Films is a full service production company, based in Brooklyn, NY, that specializes in producing short-form documentary films, feature videos, commercials and multi media content. We work with non-profit organizations, corporate brands, politicians and educational outlets alike. We have produced programming for television, science institutions, architecture firms, philanthropic foundations and fashion houses. We make a point of never restricting ourselves. As long as there is a story to tell, we take on the task of telling it. With our journalistic know-how and our cinematic aesthetic, we create content that is reliably dynamic and thought-provoking.


We are story tellers above all else. Our craft is to unearth your story and evaluate the most effective way of telling it. We work with exceptional cinematographers, writers, music composers and editors to carve your story, so that it is just right. We have the ability to connect with both with the content and with the audience in a way that is thoughtful and emotionally compelling.


. Documentary Films - Historical/biographical films, investigative pieces as well as campaign films and PSAs for organizations. Working with pre-shot material and archival footage is welcomed by us. We make tailored documentaries aimed at presenting specific social problems and introducing the programs designed to address those issues. We have made documentary-style content for brands too, such as promotional films to launch a new product or pieces profiling specific people. Documentary films are a vital way for organizations and brands to connect with viewers in a uniquely intimate and powerful way.

. Branded Content - TV Programming; Digital Advertising; Museum films and Idents for brand identity. We do green-screen filming; aerial & underwater shooting.

. Corporate and Educational Film Tools - Marketing and Learning videos; Internal communication content; Promotional videos for stakeholders; Presentation films; Training and Recruitment videos to attract new talent.

. Art & Architecture - Film content aimed at portraying an artist, introducing a building or promoting building developments. We can tell the story of a building by interviewing it’s architect, recounting what it took to get the building built, exploring it’s environment or even originating a narrative from the perspective of someone living or working in the building. We pride ourselves in capturing spectacular aerial shots and bringing drawings to life through motion graphics.

. Specialized filming - Aerial filming with drones and helicopters, under-water filming and green-screen. We have the technology and know-how to create exceptional “experiential videos” where viewers are able to explore key areas of an environment, its details and features.